Gas Compressor

With more than 10 years experience within the Gas Compressor business, along with renting and supplying, we managed to keep our standard package to meet our client’s expectations. By improving our service level, our qualified personel and well trained team of operations and services, we believe that we understand what the market need.

Our products, both rental and supply, vary from 30 to 42000 BHP.  These are commonly used in the market, both offshore and onshore. Our products are also include a well-head application, booster application, gas lift, and feed gas application.

These days healt environment is highly demanded by our clients since this equipment can produce SOX, NOX, CO and noise, that leads us to meet the environmental policies. Therefore, we should make our products in good condition along with environmentally ethical packaging. Not only in our equipments but our team should also understand and be aware on how to make a healthy environment.


We are here to give customers a wide option within the gas compression business, with a wide range of fleets from screw along with reciprocating from 68 HP – 1,400 HP, we are able to be your party to work with. Besides a given rental unit services, we are experienced with EPC rental blanket project.

Experienced team of operation in remote areas, well trained technicians make our new units both retrofit and able to deliver a good solution.


As an agent of reliable and profesional packager, we can offer a new and re-trofit unit gas compressor, with combinations of KPMOG team and dedicated groups of engineering, design, project management, and production, we can give our customer satisfaction and an option within the gas compressor need.

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