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Oil and gas has always been a challenging and promising business at the same time.

A good combination of positive business prospects and excellent capabilities has driven transformation of KPM Oil and Gas from an equipment supply division into a reputable company focusing on oil and gas related business that meets international standards for oil and gas industries in Indonesia.

As a trusted partner of local leading oil and gas companies, we take part in our clients’ major projects through provision of services ranging from EPCI (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation), plant operation and maintenance, rental and supply equipment, and also investment. Being fully compliant with the best industrial standards and international practices, our solid and committed team will ensure that you get the best customized solutions for whatever your scale of project, at all times.

We are pleased and welcoming you to the official website of PT. KPM Oil & Gas.

This website will bring you to a journey of knowing our business and how we can be a
reliable partner for your oil & gas business solutions.

Synergizing people & product resources, PT. KPM Oil & Gas (KPMOG) is committed to delivering product superiority and customer satisfaction. Since 2008, our company has been a trusted partner of local companies in energy-related projects.

As we envision ourself to become a leading integrated solution company for oil & gas industry in Indonesia, we are dedicated to fast drive for excellence. We look forward to giving more to the business and people development by maintaining our strong contribution to the industry and focus on service improvement to meet the business needs and to exceed our customer’s expectation.

With KPMOG, the highest satisfaction awaits you.




``Become a company of choice for an extensive range of oilfield products, services and technologies that will help customers to meet their operations target. KPMOG will safely and compliantly deliver innovative products and services portfolio to customers that gives benefit to the stakeholders.``


``KPMOG is well positioned to meet the ever-evolving needs of the oil and gas industry with product and service portfolio that spans the life cycle of well production and robust research and development effort.
Listening to various and uniques client’s concern and work together will meet the expectations and delivering best results.``

Given its founders' sound experience in energy-related equipment supply

Having led a Subsidiaries’ Business Division in a supply & energy development company, two founders of PT. KPM Oil and Gas (KPMOG), Pieter Irianta Siregar & Setiawan Wicaksono decided to start their own company due to the rising opportunity in the market to create new employment opportunities for local people. Hence, KPMOG was then established on 21 August 2008. In 2012 Mr. Wantya N Sapardan joined the founders and strengthened the ownership with his expertise in the field of modular gas equipments.

Given its founders’ sound experience in energy-related equipment supply and their strong focus on steel-related product and gas modular equipment supplies, KPMOG has succeeded in framing their way from a limited-scale business to a
thriving enterprise on oil & gas business.

Entering 2020, KPMOG decided to expand the business into investment, manufacturing plan and drilling services. Now we are working to establish a great future ahead.

During our projects execution, we hire local people at project sites to help the local community develop their social and financial conditions. We give charity and donations as our positive gestures to the local community.

15 November 2019

Blood Donation