KKLI Integrated Hazardous Waste Management Services

KPMOG Kelola Limbah Indonesia (KKLI) is a licensed company that carries out an integrated hazardous waste management in Indonesia. Companies that produce hazardous waste are responsible to prevent or reduce the environmental impacts of the waste. Hazardous waste must be handled by specialised and well trained human resources with good infrastructure to make sure all of the processes are safe. Regarding this reason, we are ready to help you and your company.

Hazardous waste management in Indonesia is strictly regulated through government regulation no. 101/2014. Companies and individuals are not allowed to throw out the hazardous waste randomly. They need to understand exactly how to manage the waste properly based on its category and characters. KKLI will provide you with the services you need for this matter.

We offer our costumers not only the overall hazardous waste management, but also an integrated one, including various aspects that should be involved. Here are some services that costumers can get from us:
• Collection and transportation of hazardous waste
• Proper hazardous waste packaging equipments
• Labels for hazardous waste facilities
• Temporary storage of hazardous waste
• Recovery and treatment of hazardous waste
• Industrial cleaning
• Management of waste facilities of our costumers
• Monitoring and technical support
• Consultancy