Catering Service

As a basic need of human beings, food will always have an important role in our life. KPMOG Catering Service can assist you in supporting your business operations. We are able to handle your food and beverage preparation, service, and clean up. Therefore, you can focus on your core jobs to achieve your targeted goals. By delegating the responsibility for preparing, service, and cleaning up to us, you have the opportunity to reduce some of your stress and responsibility.

With our vast experience, we have varying menu options for you. We can fulfill your needs based on your type of business and budget. In doing the preparation, service, and clean up, we stick to the strict hygiene standards, because it is important for us to maintain hygiene and give the best product and service quality to our customers.

In general, every individual or organization can hire a catering company as long as there is a need for food to be served. Nevertheless, KPMOG is specialized in catering services for manufacture and offshore companies.

We offer catering service for platforms and barges in offshore industries. Getting food when working offshore is not an easy task, so collaborating with an offshore catering company is necessary. Your company will be assured that the needs for your workforce to stay fed, well, and be as comfortable as possible are fullfilled.

If your manufacture is committed to provide good daily meals for the workers, you can contact us. We are experienced in handling this service in the large scale. Daily food provision will help the workers to stay focus on their duty.