We are dedicated to being a leader in the supply and service of steel solutions on a domestic basis.

Our comprehensive package of steel products are designed to satisfy oil and gas progressive specifications and extreme environment.

From onshore to offshore, we dedicate ourselves to serving the complexity of our clients' projects that require specific approach and high-performance resources. Relying on our strong access and extensive network worldwide, we supply complete packages of purpose-made steel solutions from our principals' mills and external sources aligned with industry standards and best practices. We take pride in offering quality products commonly used in oil and gas projects including tubular, offshore heavy plates, pre-fabricated components, stainless and sectional steels, clad plates, pressure vessel and boiler steels, cryogenic steels, and more. We also provide ex mill and ex stock delivery, customer service facilities and access to processing facilities. Additionally, to keep pace with the growing needs of the market, we always keep an eye on the latest development and maintain our strong role as a reliable, independent purchasing partner.