Alliance with International principals, our compressor packages deliver technical specification with operation and maintenance that meets client requirement.

We speciality includes natural gas compression and processing, CO2 processing as well as refrigeration. Ranging from 30 to 6,000+ BHP, the compressors packages can be customized for various applications such as CBM, sweet and sour natural gas, acid gas injection, gas gathering and well-site depletion, solution gas and vapor recovery, and many more. Our advanced modular approach offers flexibility in installation while extending equipments availability and lifespan for maximum return.

Our aggressive stocking program is guaranteed to suit any requirement of natural gas compression and is available for immediate sale, rent or lease. We provide a wide selection of cold-weather reciprocating, rotary-screw and scroll compressors from 30 to 1,700+ BHP and warm-weather compressors from 95 to 4,735 BHP.

We work closely with international leading manufacturers to ensure excellent performance and quality packaging at all times.