In line with the development of business in the energy industry by looking at the opportunities and prospects to engage more, recently we started to go to contribute investment into the industry.

Our investment scope of work covers following area:

Project partner in oil and gas and energy-related business

we proudly took our first step on investment business through gas pipeline construction of PLNB-UBE from Pemping Island to Batam Island This project ensures power supply and functioning of other supporting facilities in the island. We will continue exerting ourselves to achieve goals of our investment projects in oil and gas and energy-related business such as power plant, refinery LNG plant as well as offshore/onshore platform. 

Merger and acquisition

We are not limiting ourselves to energy-related equipments supply and investment. In order to become the leading provider and maintain sustainability in oil and gas and energy-related industry, we are prepared to acquire any company that is keen to expand its business through a mutually-beneficial arrangement.